Monday, 9 December 2013

INTERIOR CRUSH: scandinavian homes

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Scandinavian desing has always delighted me, the simple forms, toned bright colours, natural materials, thin lines and extraordinary design. All that makes me wanna live in one of these apartments.

Despite the fact that all the scandinavian design seems to walk around cold bright forms, the interiors are nothing but warm and cozy. The people of the North have interior design in their blood and I think that everything they create, a space for living or a furniture, is destined to be great.

As a future interior designer I need to learn about all the styles and I really like most of them, every single one has something special that no other style has but for me Scandinavia has it all. I will definitely design my future house this way!

What do you think of the simple scandinavian interiors?


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  1. I really love the bedroom in the second photo! AMAZING xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  2. These homes look amazing and the pictures are absolutely PERFECT! :) would you mind to grab each other buttons? Let me know on xx


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