Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Where did I go?

Honestly, where did I go?

The answer to this question is less complicated than I like to think. For past month or so I have had switched between jobs, meaning that I had a lot of study and adjustments to do. More, it is exams time and at my uni it isn't just study-write-forget scheme but making projects takes times although the real due dates are next week I needed a lot of time to prepare a proper project. Having these two things, I had to cut the third one off, unfortunately the 3rd thing was my blog.

So those are my shameful excuses. I solemnly swear that from now on I'll try to keep organised and write on my blog regularly. If not, feel free to poke me!

Another thing, is it 2014 already? I feel like I have skipped Christmas and New Year, I have even forgotten it was less than a month ago! Time goes by like crazy! My 2014 has started on a speed, so I predict the whole year is going to be busy and crazy like hell. I had no time to make my new year's resolutions s, better late than never, I'll do it now:
1st - I really want to get fit. This will need my whole life to be reorganized, but I've realised that I only live once so I need to take care of my health and body and start to eat healthy and do some excersises
2nd - try to better organise my money, to save them rather to watch them disappear
3rd - treat myself once at a time. Every person needs a treat, life is not only work, school at relationships, mostly it's you, your life is about you and it is a damn time I start making me happy!
4th - start thinking about the future. I'd love to get my own apartment soon and decorate it. I feel like it's finally time to be on my own and I have a strong feeling it's a good idea. 
5th - add some new features to the blog, I have a few ideas to improve my blog and I will be introducing them to you soon
6th - start a business on my own. I have wanted to open my interior design workroom for some time now, and I'm feeling that 2014 is a good year to do so!

So, fingers crossed, I hope I'll keep my new year's resolutions and this year will be even better that 2013!

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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